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Encounter God. Make friends. Be forever changed.

April 6-8 • Rochester, NY

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Join over 700 college students and young adults for a weekend of passionate worship, dynamic teaching and life-changing ministry! This high energy event is one of the largest of its kind in the Northeast, drawing students from dozens of universities and churches.
BASICcon is the national conference held by BASIC College Ministries. This event is held regularly each spring and fall in Rochester, NY. BASIC stands for “Brothers and Sisters in Christ.” BASIC College Ministries’ mission is to serve and equip local churches to help college students succeed in college and life. This is accomplished by resourcing them to start chapters that meet weekly on over 30 campuses across the Northeast.

So there I was, desperate and broken, about to attend BASIC for the first time. These people I had never met came around me and prayed for me like I was one of their own. I knew I had to come back.

-Ellen Murphy


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Can I pay just the deposit when I register online?
No, you must pay the full amount if you are registering online. This price includes a $50 non-refundable deposit. If you'd prefer the option of paying just a $50 deposit first and paying the remaining balance at the conference, you may choose the mail-in option. If you choose the mail-in option, keep in mind that the deposit is non-refundable.
Can I be roomed with my friends?
Yes! You will need to submit a rooming list when you register. If you submit the BASICcon Registration Rooming List to BASIC College Ministries, PO Box 9A, Lima, NY 14485 or email it to, then we will do our best to room you according to your wishes. Submit this form by October 9th to better your chances of being roomed as you requested. Keep in mind that anyone you name on the Rooming List must already be registered for the conference either online or with a deposit via the mail-in option.
Does the registration price include any meals?
No, the price includes your lodging at the hotel and all of your conference fees. There are several restaurants and stores within walking distance or short driving distance of the hotel.
What do I need at event check-in?
All you need to do is provide your first and last name at time of check-in.
Is parking included?
Overnight guests are able to park in the attached parking garage for free. Commuters will need to pay the standard daily rate.
May I attend only part of the conference?
Yes, there are different rates for those who wish to stay only one night in the hotel or commute for only one day instead of the whole conference.
If I have questions, who can I contact?
If you have questions, comments, or concerns please email us at, and we will be happy to assist you.

Hyatt Regency Rochester